Food 4 Thought

Sat. 7

First Thoughts: Genmaicha

I was at a sushi restaurant yesterday and ordered Genmaicha green tea more commonly called “brown rice tea”. The flavor was very strange because it had a green tea taste with the earthiness of a pu erh.

As the temperature of the tea cooled down I was better able to taste all that this tea had to offer. Besides the basic green tea taste there was an overpowering brown rice flavor (who would have thought?).

So in conclusion if you love the taste of brown rice (i’m not a huge fan) and love green tea, then try this tea. In my opinion this tea sucks and brown rice belongs in a bowl with some general tso’s chicken on top not in a cup of tea.

Sun. 25

First Thoughts: Green Pekoe

Green Pekoe Tea is a probably my favorite tea right now. It has mellow but interesting flavor. I find that when it comes to tea simple is more… tasty, and this tea is a great example of that.

Green tea from the Fujian province of China. Green Pekoe (sometimes referred to as Orange Pekoe) is famed as an everyday tea, and is among the most popular teas consumed in China. Its thin, wavy leaves appear almost black when dry. Once infused, however, our ‘Green Pekoe Blues’ reveals its true color. And produces a light cup with a smooth, mellow taste and a gentle, soothing aroma. —

Wed. 21

Second Steep: Spiced apple chai

Disclaimer: I still have not tried this tea iced, and have not experimented tremendously with steep times and temperature. Also I don’t like chai teas.

After having many cups of this tea my opinion on it has changed a little. There is no doubt that the smell of this tea is amazing. However I was a little disappointed with the flavor. The sweetness of the apples are overpower by other spices. This overpowering spiciness is basically my experience will all chai teas.

I have found that alone this tea is not great, but with sugar and milk it is fantastic. Out of all of the chai teas in the adagio sampler pack this and chocolate chai are defiantly the best.